burgundian tiles

Burgundian Tiles are easy to find at Deknock BV.

The Burgundian tile is a beautiful natural stone, available in different coulours and has its origin in Burgundy, a historic site in eastern France.  The warm colours of the Burgundian tile is very popular in Europe and even in the USA.

Burgundian tiles are between 150 & 400 years old.

These tiles are longwearing and are very easy to clean.

Old Burgundy Tiles

Inside use only!

8 cm - 15 cm
Burgundian tiles – mixed with 2nd cut

Upper layer of Burgundian tiles, mixed with second cut of new, but aged Burgundian tiles

Not for outside use !

2 cm à 3 cm
Bourgogne flooring tiles – 2nd cut

Second cut of Burgundian flooring tiles.

Roman pattern

Inside use only!

3 cm